A Note from Executive Editors Molly and Dan

Cook’s Science is changing direction.

We launched Cook’s Science almost exactly one year ago. And what a year it’s been. We’ve delved into the science of mass-market ice cream, koji fried chicken, seaweed pasta, and even a milk steak or two. And we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned from our reporters, from our recipe testing, from our successes and our mistakes, and from you, our readers. Thank you for your comments and questions on our site, on our social media, and in our inboxes.

We started Cook’s Science as an experiment, a new digital offshoot for America’s Test Kitchen. And now that experiment is changing directions. As of this month, we are no longer publishing on the Cook’s Science site. Instead, over the course of this summer, we will be transferring our team, many of our stories, and most of our recipes, over to Cook’s Illustrated online.

We’re very excited about the opportunity to expand the science content of Cook’s Illustrated, long one of America’s favorite cooking brands. Stay tuned for a new way to access that science online, starting this fall.

What does this mean for you? will remain live all summer.

Starting in September, our content will be transferred over to If you do not have a digital subscription to Cook’s Illustrated, recipes will be behind a paywall.

Our newsletter, written by our inimitable managing editor Kristin, will continue to arrive in your mailbox. This summer, newsletter subscribers will continue to receive Cook’s Science stories and recipes—some new, and some familiar old friends. Starting this fall, the newsletter will highlight new experiments as well as science-focused recipes and stories from Cook’s Illustrated. (Content linked to in the newsletter will remain free.)

You won’t have to miss out on great recipes from Tim and Sasha. They will be spending the next few months developing recipes for an exciting new book about sous vide cooking, some of which we’ll be publishing online over at Cook’s Illustrated. (Sous vide yogurt? Sous vide shrimp and grits? Sous vide your way to the perfect chicken breast? You won’t want to miss this.)

Have questions? Concerns? Suggestions? You can reach us at

Thank you,

Molly Birnbaum and Dan Souza, Executive Editors of Cook’s Science

P.S. We wouldn’t be Cook’s Science without including some data. So, here are the stats: In the last year, the Cook’s Science team has been responsible for: 112 recipes, 492 recipe annotations (what happens when you click on the highlighted words), 73 stories, 23 “Behind the Scenes” posts, 10 Words of the Week, 6,234 puns, 8 videos, 1 baby, 5 cats, 4 stitches, and several minor allergic reactions. Go, team!


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